Space exploration starts with the dream, and the dream of space is born very early in human's life. To turn this dream into reality takes a lifelong learning, which begins at school.

To discuss the tasks and problems of space education on every level, from elementary school to postgrads, to bring together the key actors of space education community, Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IKI) hosts the conference "The Road to Space".

In 2024 the conference is scheduled for October 1–5.

We are expecting school and college teachers, university educators, museum and planetaria workers, science journalists and communicators, and everyone engaged with space education and outreach on the conference.

Registration will be open on April 1, 2024. Please, switch to the For participants tab for details.

The name of the conference brings us back to the First Man in Space, Yuri Gagarin and his famous book, known in the West as "Road to the Stars". The year 2024 marks the 90th anniversary of the First Cosmonaut of the planet.

The conference is a part of IKI's Space Science Days, a series of events in October dedicated to the launch of Sputnik-1. Space Science Days are part of UN World Space Week on October 4–10.

Program Committee (preliminary)

  • Acad. Dr. Lev M. Zelenyi (IKI), Chair
  • Dr. Andrei M. Sadovski (IKI), Academic secretary
  • Dr. Igor V. Belokonov (SNRU)
  • RAS Professor, Dr. Alexander A. Lutovinov (IKI)
  • RAS Corr.Member, Dr. Anatoly A. Petrukovich (IKI)

Local Organizing Committee

  • Acad. Dr. Lev M. Zelenyi (IKI), Chair
  • Dr. Andrei M. Sadovski (IKI), Vice Chair
  • Elena A. Antonenko (IKI)
  • Mikhail N. Boyarsky (IKI)
  • Vyacheslav M. Davydov (IKI)
  • Anastasia V. Fateeva (IKI)
  • Dmitry A. Kobets (IKI)
  • Dr. Olga V. Zakutnyaya (IKI)
  • Tatiana D. Zharkova (IKI)

LOC e-mail:

Address: Space Research Institute (IKI), Moscow, Profsoyuznaya str., 84/32, entrance А-4

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